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that attract clients and get you paid.

Most entrepreneurs waste way too much time online, creating and sharing ineffective content that doesn’t grow your business

Never know what to post?

Writing a caption takes forever?

Not getting any engagement and only hearing crickets after you shared something?

No-one reaching out via DM, asking for your services or buying your offers?

All of these are signs that your content isn’t working. It’s not growing your business and it’s not making you money.

It’s Time To Fix It...

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Don't know how to SELL on Instagram Stories?

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Magnetic Messaging

Stop wasting hours recording and re-recording IG stories!

With Profitable Story Prompts you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it to have your audience watching, replying, and buying what you talk about!

If your account isn’t growing and noone is engaging, it’s because you don’t know how to command attention.

Addictive Caption Blueprint is your no-fluff program to write highly addictive content that grows your audience, authority, and engagement in less than 15-minutes per day

Ever feel like when you talk about your offer people just don’t get it?

In Magnetic Messaging I’m showing you how to communicate your value and talk about your offer so people buy - no convincing energy necessary

Get 365 IG Story prompts & monetize Instagram’s most profitable feature!

Unlock the secret method to write captions that grow your audience, authority, & engagement


Join now and finally show people the value of your offers

… to create content that has your audience reading, loving, clicking, and buying what you sell (in less than 15min per day)

"I tripled my sales"

Mathilde, Business Coach for Beauty Salon Owners


I tripled my sales with the content driven launch of the new program! It made me realize all the possibilities of my business, get confidence and create a premium program. The aha moment were when I saw the reactions of my clients : It WORKS !!!!

“My content wasn't converting, now I had two 5-figure launches”

Business Coach for Performers


I thought I was a good writer, but my content wasn’t converting and I felt uncomfortable with selling my services. Thanks to working with Virginia I now know how to structure my content to get attention and I feel confident charging premium prices. If you’re a coaches or service providers looking to increase conversions with their content then I highly recommend Virginia

“Loved your tips for overcoming writer’s block”

The Nurse’s Health Coach


I really loved the course, the modules were super easy to go through, very digestible content. I especially loved the caption writing demo and even having another one of those for a different style of post would be super beneficial! I also really loved your tips for overcoming writer's block.

“I finally feel confident sharing my message”

Binge Eating Coach


Thankyou for sharing so much clarity. It has made me feel mental and physically prepared for content creation days/ caption writing. It has also give me the tools (in bite size - easy to follow chunks) that boost my confidence in sharing a message that I know my followers will want to see + hear! Finally!!

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