Unlock my Instagram Story Selling Secrets 

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Why Instagram Stories is the best place to convert followers into clients  

How to make daily Instagram Stories easy peasy lemon squeezy 

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and how to see money come in every time you post to them!

(because really, they shouldn’t take more than 10-15min a day!)

I raised my prices 30% and signed 3 brand new 1:1 clients

I'm doing Stories more intentionally & Strategically

Waking up to the payment notification every day

I’m the queen of teaching IG story selling and I’ll help you make your stories so entertaining & valuable, that yout views will SPIKE when you launch…

Between June and September 2022 I made $165,000 in sales, over 90% of these sales coming straight from my Instagram stories (someone pinch me! Yes, it gets to be this good 🥂)

Doing Stories is my favorite part of the day, because I know:
if I did my stories for the day, money will be flowing in, no matter what else I get done!

It’s your ticket out of “you have to post to your feed” and hours spent in Canva creating carousels.

It’s your ticket into true freedom of time, where 3-4 minutes of IG story content a day can sell multiple 5-figure 1:1 coaching packages or bring in 7k from a low ticket, $222 offer with only 800 followers (yup, that was Spice Up Your Writing!)

With these prompts I want to give you direct access to my brain and show you just how easy it is to do stories every day (and get paid because of them!)


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Hey, I'm Virginia! 👋

I can't wait to take you into the world of endless


IG story content + effortless sales…