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define your niche

find ideal clients online 

build a sustainable business





Become known as an expert & charge premium prices

Build your business on a solid foundation which is based on research, not assumptions

Know your ideal clients inside out so you can effectively market to them

Create an irresistible offer that will have your dream clients come banging on your door

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Being clear on your niche, offer, and ideal clients will allow you to…

The process inside NCA set the foundation for the launch of the Content Lounge brand, it’s what we use for all our high level coaching clients, and any copy we write.

It allowed us to take Content That Sells from $0 to 6-figures in the first year and it’s the first step we take before creating any new product

A simple process for market research with a word by word script, strategies for finding and connecting with ideal clients online, and my proprietary formula for creating the perfect “I help” statement

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… to define your niche & get to know your ideal clients

✔ how to set up the process, Incl. calls, scheduling, etc.

✔ how to respond & talk to get unbiased answers

A step-by-step plan to effective market research




… clearly communicate what you have to offer

✔ how to create the perfect “I help” statement

✔ how to create your expert profile on Instagram

The Matrix Method for creating the perfect I help statement

… on Instagram & Facebook or any other platform 

✔ a word by word script for starting the conversation

✔ how to create a truly irresistible offer & validate it

The top 3 strategies for finding ideal clients 

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 ALL OF THIS FOR $597 ONLY             


Normally: $295

Normally: $103

Normally: $197

Check out these sexy bonuses that will help you reach the next level even more quickly

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Once you start implementing Niche Clarity Accelerator...

You’ll become known as an expert, always know what to post, start signing clients asap

Imagine if...

You knew exactly who your ideal client was, what their dreams, desires, fears, wants, and needs are and you could verbalize this in your content

You became the go to expert for YOUR niche, were completely unique and inimitable, and people were actively seeking you out

You could charge premium prices, your business and income were growing exponentially, and you could sell your offer with ease

Doing market research and validating your offer before you spend time, money, and energy on producing it means you’re building your business on a solid foundation.

Being known as an expert in your specific niche means you can charge higher rates, will be invited for guest speaking opportunities, and get looked up for PR gigs

You’d always know what to say, never had to second guess your topics anymore, and you had total certainty that the things you talk about will resonate with your ideal clients.

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All of this is possible and more...

Hey girlfriend!

I’m Virginia and I’m the go-to girl for all things copywriting, content strategy, and online marketing.

I write highly engaging content for 7-figure coaches and have grown Instagram accounts to +100k followers and beyond.

But it wasn’t always like that:

When I first started out online in 2013 I hated posting to social media. I never knew what to say and writing captions took foreverrrr. After a year my business’ account was stagnating at 1000 followers with very low engagement and zero clients.

It was soul crushing but once I learnt how to write addictive content my stats and following went through the roof.

Since 2017 I focus exclusively on copywriting & content and I was featured as an expert on big business outlets such as Foundr, Bossbabe, or Yahoo Finance.

Now I can’t wait to share my secret formulas, powerful engagement strategies, plug-n-play templates, and best-performing content ideas with you.


All the love,


Are you ready find out your niche ?

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Ashleigh- A Bournout Coach

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People are reaching out to work with me!
I can write a caption in 15-20 minutes now and I know it's going to resonate with my ideal clients because people are reaching out to work with me

And these are the results you’re going to get...

Expect to grow your audience, engagement, and reach

Answers to Your Questions

Will Niche Clarity Accelerator work for my niche?

Will Niche Clarity Accelerator work for my niche? 

Do I need any business experience to apply the NCA process?

Do I need any business experience to apply the NCA process?

How much time do I need?

How much time do I need?

What happens once I purchase?

What date does this start?

What date does this start?

What files and resources are included?

What files and resources are included?

When do I get the bonuses?

When do I get the bonuses?

Do I get access to everything at once?

Do I get access to everything at once?

What is your refund policy?

What is your refund policy?

What are your terms and conditions?

What are your terms and conditions?

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Niche Clarity Accelerator is a proven step by step method to help you identify your niche, get to know your ideal clients, create and validate your offer, and craft the perfect “I help” statement that makes your ideal clients raise their hands and whip out their credit cards.