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I'm a copywriter and business coach and I love helping you get paid to do what you love and be who you are.

My copywriting skills are a megaphone to women who already have something to say.

Let’s share your message with the world and skyrocket your income - without hustling 24/7.

Most entrepreneurs think they have to hustle 24/7 and do ALL the things to build a successful business. 

When I launched my e-commerce business in 2013, I thought it’d be an absolute homerun.

I had two degrees in business, knew about Pinterest often worked 18hr days but still struggled for two years to sell my products. When I looked at the $50k of unsold inventory sitting in my living room, all I wanted to do was cry on my bathroom floor or curl up under my blanket.

Until it hit me one day: there had to be a secret to selling online that I wasn’t in on yet.

After dipping my toes into all kinds of growth strategies, from Pinterest to FB ads to growing my Instagram account to over 25k followers…

… I finally realized that all the traffic does not matter if your messaging doesn’t convert.

The moment I learnt how to sell with my words, clients started banging down my door and I SOLD OUT in less than 90 days.

I  used  to  be  one  of  them...


Shh… can you keep a secret ?

Copywriting is the skill that will make your audience fall in love with your stories and sell your offers while you sleep...

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I love to sing, preferably Disney songs or broadway musical hits. When I was 13 I joined a musical crew in Hungary. I was a rapping mouse - I have never recovered since


I’m a “born teacher”. It doesn’t matter what I do, I always end up teaching others. I’ve taught (and been paid for) horse riding lessons, organic chemistry, fashion design, how to do the splits and get flexible, and yes, pole dancing


I’ve learnt 6 languages total and I am fluent in German, English, Portuguese, and French. My #1 tip for learning languages fast is Harry Potter. Once you’re done reading all the books and have watched all the movies you’re fluent. It works like magic


I did end up sewing couture dresses in New York though, not my own, but for a big designer. They were shown at New York Fashion Week and two of them made it to the Oscars


I can type entire pages with my eyes closed. I blame it on my hyper competitive business school training where I wrote academic papers with 60+ pages. When I was too tired to work with my eyes open I simply worked with my eyes closed. Problem solved.


That said, I’m a recovering workaholic. My whole life I went 200mph, working 24/7 producing, creating, serving my clients. Only in my late 20s I’ve learnt the value of slowing down and letting content and software do the work for me. It’s liberating, you should try it.


I don’t really drink alcohol but I might be a little bit addicted to black coffee, which I call oxygen. It’s the last reminder of that workaholic lifestyle, but it’s just too tasty to let it go completely


I’m crazy in love with my Brazilian husband and my two beautiful kids. You can find us hanging out in the backyard of our house in Munich, Germany, or road tripping for 2 months at a time across Europe.

Fun facts about me!

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