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Content Lounge courses will help you find the right words to sell your expertise and create next level income, impact, and freedom in your life.

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When you learn to speak your dream client’s language, you instantly gain their trust. Pair that with the ability to break through the noise and command attention and you’ll have everything you need to build a wildly successful and hella profitable business without hustling 24/7.

Content Lounge courses will teach you how to speak in your dream client’s language and write highly addictive social media content that attracts clients and gets you paid even when you’re out living your best life.


Know your niche but want to get more attention, engagement, and followers? ACB will help you write social media content so good, your audience can’t get enough of you

The proprietary formulas and strategies inside CTS will fuel your growth and create next level income, impact, and freedom for your life.

Whether you’re just starting out or pivoting your business - this course is for you if you want to clarify your niche, create an irresistible offer, and learn how to find your ideal clients online.



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"I tripled my sales"

Mathilde, Business Coach for Beauty Salon Owners


I tripled my sales with the content driven launch of the new program! It made me realize all the possibilities of my business, get confidence and create a premium program. The aha moment were when I saw the reactions of my clients : It WORKS !!!!

“My content wasn't converting, now I had two 5-figure launches”

Business Coach for Performers


I thought I was a good writer, but my content wasn’t converting and I felt uncomfortable with selling my services. Thanks to working with Virginia I now know how to structure my content to get attention and I feel confident charging premium prices. If you’re a coaches or service providers looking to increase conversions with their content then I highly recommend Virginia

“Loved your tips for overcoming writer’s block”

The Nurse’s Health Coach


I really loved the course, the modules were super easy to go through, very digestible content. I especially loved the caption writing demo and even having another one of those for a different style of post would be super beneficial! I also really loved your tips for overcoming writer's block.

“I finally feel confident sharing my message”

Binge Eating Coach


Thankyou for sharing so much clarity. It has made me feel mental and physically prepared for content creation days/ caption writing. It has also give me the tools (in bite size - easy to follow chunks) that boost my confidence in sharing a message that I know my followers will want to see + hear! Finally!!

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